Tori Removal (Exostosis) in Gahanna

The mandibular torus is a benign bony growth on the tongue side of the lower jaw usually in the molar and premolar area. Tori can occur unilaterally or bilaterally and can be solitary or lobulated. Your tori may become painful when the gum tissue covering over it gets injured. Injury often occurs when eating hard crunchy foods. Mandibular tori are usually evaluated by Dr. Patel and Dr. Fraser are when your dentist is considering the replacement of all of your teeth with a complete denture.

A maxillary palatal torus is a firm mass of bone in the roof of your mouth. The cause of this benign bone mass is unknown but thought to have a genetic component. Maxillary palatal tori may appear to be flat or nodular. Large palatal tori are removed when they interfere with speech or interfere with wearing an upper complete denture.

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Drs. Patel and Fraser usually recommend a consultation appointment to diagnose your condition and discuss your treatment options. Although tori reduction may be performed under local anesthesia, it is usually suggested to consider conscious IV sedation during the procedure to help minimize your “gag reflex” during surgery. Working on the areas in the roof of your mouth or under your tongue will best be performed by choosing an anesthetic technique that fits your individual needs.